Tuesday, August 9, 2011

dress DRAMA

Ok, so I get a call from the Frisco store that the bridesmaids dresses are in, WHOOP!  I asked about my dress and they said to call the store I ordered it from, so I called the Garland store.  Now mind you I didn't have a good experiance at the Garland store but was willing to let them deliver my dress to me.

So they checked the system and said it has a ship date of the 12th of Aug. and that it wasn't in yet.  They said they call the next day after it is delivered and not to worry.

Ok, so I set up for all of us to go pick up dresses on the 13th and they would try on the dresses and get ready for fittings at the store they pick.

Show up Saturday the 13th and asked the lady about my dress since the system was open.  She said "well there is a tracking number let me see for ya."  she pulls up the tracking and low and behold, my dress has been sitting in the back room delivered to Garland on July 29th!  I was MAD!  So she calls to double check and yep it's sitting in Garland.  No one called me, no one told me and when I talked to them on tuesday the 9th they said nope it's not here!!!!!!! 

Either way, went to pick up dress in Garland and left.  I yelled and complained and they said the manager would call me monday. 

Here it is Tuesday and NOPE, no call.
I went to the Frisco store (closer to home/work) and did my first fitting.  The dress is 5inches too big!!!! Come on, I tell them I had this surgery, need a size smaller than what they want to order and she doesn't listen, she ordered the size she says I fit into right now.  I didn't like the lady in Garland that I ordered with and I complained about her anyway.  She wasn't nice, she didn't know where my dress was and kept telling me they didn't have a size 14 for me to try on in the dress I was getting...but I knew better because I had already tried it on...at that store, in that size just it was ivory and I wanted White.

Ok, so the lady pins me and takes in the dress, we line the hem up, do the bustle and everything else.  The manager took care of me so my dress will be ready on the 29th!!!!!! I'm excited!

On the weightloss notes...
I cross the 100lb mark on 08/06/2011!!! I also have now crossed in to ONE-derland... on the same day.   I was shocked in week I droped 8lbs!!!!! 

Now I'm trying not to lose so the dress stays fitting....let's see how that goes... Oh and in my waist since July 10, 2011 I've lost 8 inches!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dress ordered

That's right I ordered my dress, we have the shower set up for the 30th, bridal shower on 08-13/2011 and everything else is good!

not much to talk about

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I got my dress!!!! I've picked it out and will place the order for my birthday!! I'm excited.  My mom loves it too!!!!!!

Ok, so they took messerments and I was shocked, I've lost well over 25inches in my waist!  I couldn't see it, but it's there in the numbers.

Weight loss I've crossed into he now 90lbs lost!!! I'm happy to see the scale move again after 2 +months not moving.

I'm going to have a party with my extended family for my birthday on the 9th so that's exciting.  Till than everything is going smooth for the wedding.

I have an efficient, place, dress, brides maids dresses are ordered and everything is a go!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm OK!

Surgery went fine, I had some trouble getting up after and ended up staying a day in the hospital.  I'm OK now though and home. I even went to my sisters graduation on Friday and relaxed on Saturday 

I am going with my mom to look for a dress on the Th....cross our fingers!

Weight loss....well just had surgery so swollen so nothing down yet...let's wait a little bit....

Saturday, May 28, 2011


That's right, I've been having issues again with my hernia and I'll be having it fixed on the 1st.  I don't want to but I'm not going poop anymore and well that hurts.  I know TMI right...sorry.

I am still going up and down with the same 5lbs for now 8 weeks, I'm working out; eating right and drinking lots of water.  I am just not dropping.

Alright I'm off to get things ready.... I'm tired.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding in the family

My favorite cuz is getting married on the 21st and we are going.  I am excited to see her and Chris get married and see all of my family.

Autumn is bridging for her girlscouts on the 22nd she will be a JR. girlscout next year and she's thinking that's just the best thing in the world.  She also has a follow up to get the brace off on the 25th, here is hoping all is good and we are going to be free for the summer.

Alright school is almost out, summer is here in texas and it's HOT!  We go on the 6th of June to get bridesmaids dresses and I hope to picking my dress shortly after.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy birthday and Mothers day

This weekend is going to be fun.  Sean turns 40 on the 7th, mothers day is on the 8th....WHOOP!!!

I'm so excited about his surprise party...I hope that it goes well.  Zachary isn't feeling that good right now, his new medication is making him throw up so he has to stay home.  I am staying home with him today so that Dylan can work.

Still stalled out on the weight loss...I don't count the 5lbs I've lost in 4 weeks anything because I seem to gain it back.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So I did what????

I joined Mary Kay!!!!! I've loved the products, loved my now director and so I joined!!! She came and picked up in a limo and I was so excited...I told her on the way that I was ready to join and was excited about going to the parade of nationals to hear them speak!

I heard some of the top 5% of the company talk and cried and laughed and signed my agreement today at work!!!

So insparational!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We found a place

Well, we picked the party barn!!!! Signed the contracts, took pictures and gearing up!

I'm excited and happy to have it in Wylie.  The old stomping grounds.  Not much other than that going on.  We did have to change the date, it's now set for 9-9-11 so it's still kind of cool.  Plus... it's VIKING tradition to get married on fridays, so we are....Sean don't know that I knew that and it's just one of the little things I'm trying to do to bring his history into it.

Sean wants swords, but they are not swords either side of our family would have carried, so I think it's just odd to have something that don't tie to the family.  We are still talking about it.

**Well on the weight loss I've lost 75lbs...and seem to have stalled out....sucks!
**Family notes-Autumn is healing real well with her cast.  She hates it and it itches but she is getting better.  She's had it on for 6 weeks now and she has a follow up on the 20th....whoop.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the road...

So here it is March and we have plans.  I've gotten a new job, same company but new possition and place to work.  I'm closer to home so that's great!!! I get home in less than 10 minutes so I can be with the kids.  The new custody is hard but I hope it's what the kids need.  Week on week off is equal time for us.

**We are looking at the party barn more and more, and it's looking like the wedding date will have to change because every one shares my idea of 9-10-11.

Weight loss, we are down 70lbs...it's slow and that makes me worry, but i'm ok...still working on it.

Off to work guys... Talk to ya soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dress Shopping!

So today we, Ani, Karina and Ash-Nay along with Autumn, went Brides maid shopping.  Well I got to try on a few dresses here and there(OK, quite a bit!)

I was ever so excited to put dresses on finally!  This is the thing I was looking forward to, heck doesn't every girl look forward to putting on the wedding dresses.

We found several dresses we liked for all the girls and then found one we LOVED...down side...it only comes in black and red!  I was soooooo mad!
The second dress only came in hot pink.
The 3rd favorite is now the leading one...

Favorite!  But can't be.

2nd favorite, but can't be.

3rd now the leader.
another choice we liked

So those are the dresses, the others we can't put up...1. because I love my friends, 2. because they would kill me!   <3 love you KK!

Alright, I will post some of the No's of mine....just so you can see what happened!

The Cinderella, but didn't like it

better, but not much

it's an American size 14!  Fully Zipped!

another American 14, corset!

Off we go!

Alright, I'm very excited and we have goals set in mind on when things are happening.  Waiting on my tax return to come so I can have my budget money!  Which reminds me to make sure I call them about that.

On weight loss...Let's see we've crossed the 65lb mark loss!!!  I'm almost down to the lowest I remember being as an "adult" 230.  I'm very excited....

Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well as it is now the 9th of February and well the kids have missed now 5 days of school, along with me missing 5 days of work.  That means out of the 7 days of either we've only gone 2.  Snow, ice, wind and blistering clod temps keep us inside the house.  Four of those days were last week in a ROW, then today.  The kids have cleaned their rooms, done their laundry, I've done mine and now I'm just tired.

So the weight loss is going OK, but I'm still not exercising much.  I want to and I'm trying to, but it's hard when the energy still hasn't come in and just not inspired to do it.  I'm hoping tonight gets some inspiration.  I'm going to support group meeting and REALLY hope that I can with the weather.

As for the wedding planning....I got a surprise this weekend.  Ashley, one of my brides maids and the only one out of town, came in to town!  She's going with Ani, Karina and me on Saturday to go look at dresses!  I am even trying on a few!  I'm excited about it.  I'm hoping we can find some dresses that look good on all three of them and we can then get them ordered and get going on the wedding.

I've worked on a budget and now to just find a place that has the date and the price I want along with allowing outside foods!  Alrighty then!

Alright guys, I'm off to see what I can get the kids to do today.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dallas Bridal Show!

So I had planned to go to Ani's house today and when I called and told her I was on the way she said she found a place I needed to see.  So we met up and she had me follow her.  I was excited.  But as we drove into Dallas I was a little worried because that was far away from where I wanted to have the wedding. 

We pull up to Dallas Market Hall and She says we are going to find something here!  Yep the Dallas bridal show was going on again.  I know I went to the one in August, but this one was more important.  I was now actually planning.  (yeah hadn't been back in Aug.)

Well we walked and talked and enjoined the place.  Got to see lots of pretty dresses, talked to lots of great DJ's and got information on lots of different places to have the wedding.  Along with the piles of candy Autumn got and the cake tastings I came home with for Sean I was a good girl.  I did try some bites of food and even had a couple of the cakes.  They are less then a bite so I wasn't too worried.

I did bad on the water today because of the fair and really didn't do that great on my food either.  I got better when I was home and was able to drink almost a full 64 oz of water and by the end of the night I had 55g protein.

Alright peoples I have two large bags to go through!  Cross your fingers I win something!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding plans

I am planning, I think. but I am not quite sure if it's taking off quite yet.  This Saturday I am going to go see Ani and my mom with her mom and we are going to look at some stuff while the kids play with Sean.  Sounds like a great day.

So, still looking for the right pink Gerber daises, I have lots of the orange right now, but only a few pink ones.  I'm using silk flowers because Gerber daises are not in season for Fall.  So I've got an appointment set to look at dresses on the 12th with Ani and Karina.  I'm going to try on a couple dresses, but my question is what does one person wear to try on dresses??

I'm also dropping a little weight again.  I've lost 3 more pounds.  This is now a new low for me!  I am now smaller than Sean, this is a first for me.  I've never been smaller then a boyfriend, I was always either the same size or a little bigger.  So it's fun knowing that I'm lighter.  I've also noticed all the loose skin forming and making my "apron" and "chicken wings".  I'm not happy about the skin and I've started to use some type of lotions for firming up skin.  Someone who had gone through this surgery a couple years ago said she went and did a tanning bed and that's how she tightened up her skin.  We might try that too.

So anyone else have any ideas?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

off and running

So I'm off and running with the planning.  Went to check out 2 reception areas around Haggard park.  Event 1013 in down town Plano.  Then there was Plano Station (formally known to be closing the start of September but isn't). 
Plano Station is simple, it's cheep but you have to use their catering and well, that could be pricey.  It's a long meeting room that could be nice.
Event 1013 it beautiful!  It's a historic downtown building and they allow outside catering!  But, it's a bit more pricey.
So we are still on the hunt.  I went to the McKinney show this yesterday and it was nice, small but nice.  Got lots of information and we will see. 

At some point yesterday I felt overwhelmed and me and Sean even talked about just going to the JP and getting married and then having a big party.  That was quickly taken out of it because I want to do this one right, I want to make sure everyone sees how much I love Sean and how I want to share the love.  Oh well, off to window shop online.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we've got?!

So Ani and Karina came and have gone.  We are going to be trying on some bridesmaid dresses on the 12th of February and we have goals for when we want to have a place, dresses for them and I have a goal for when I want to have for me.  So with goals that are in mind we set forth looking.

Haggard park is the place I want to get married.  It's such a pretty park with a very nice gazebo and fountains and ponds and yeah it's very public but it's so NICE! 

So those are some of the pictures I've found, yes I've been there and yes it's so pretty!

But the reception areas around it must be hotels, or places that don't allow outside catering.  We are looking....but that's about it for now.  We got goals and plans and that's a start right?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the planning start!

So this weekend Karina and Ani are coming over and we are busting out the planning.  Let's see how this goes. 

So where do you start?  Of course, finding a place for the wedding and reception???  Well, there is one place I want to have the wedding but finding a reception area is the key.  Then there is the back up plan that just the name of it bothers some people. 

I need to just let the wedding be my planning but some people are just opinionated and I really don't want to hurt their feelings.  I am trying to let everyone feel like they are involved, but how do you let them be involved and still get what you want?  Any of you know please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other side, there is a bridal fair in McKinney next weekend(22nd) and the Dallas bridal fair is coming up again on the 29th.  I am going on the 22nd but not quite sure I'm going on the 29th because I'll have the kids.  We will see.

So what do I have planned????  Colors-orange and pink
                                                  Flowers-Gerber daisy are the biggest!
                                                  Bridal party-CHECK
                                                  Food-my mom if the place allows outside catering, other wise don't know.

So that's about it.  I have to find a place for all of it, someone to do the ceremony, plan what happens at the reception and everything else.

Alright as far as the weight loss, it's stalled again, like every time after my cycle.  So who knows if or when it will start?!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 months!

Wow, so I am 2 months!!!!  WHOOP!!!!

I took pictures and I don't know if I can post them.  I'm in my bra and boxer shorts...is that ok to post??? 

Either way we also did some new messurments!  I was shocked OMG I have lost a total of 43 inches off my body!  I mean I didn't even think it was humanly possible to do.  I know I've seen pictures of what others have done I just didn't expect for it to happen. 

Well, what I am doing now is I'm enjoying the weight loss I am still doing good with it and I'm at 50lbs lost and I'm OK with that.  I lost 10lbs after I got my "crimp" fixed so far.  I start my cycle soon (1-9 or 1-10) so my weight loss will slow down for a week or son.  I'm not worried, but I wish I would drop size too. 
I dropped to the 18 tops (could go 16 I'm sure)  but in pants I'm at a 20...the 18's are tight I think(I don't own any yet). 

I'm going to support group next week on the 12th and I'm excited about it.  I didn't quite know how I was going to because of how these group things could be, but I liked it so far.  I get to hear and see how some of those around me are doing and I get good tips of what's going on.  I am hoping to get some recipes!  I need some breakfast ideas.  I want food but I never realized how many breakfast foods are cabs.  Have you?  I did, French toast, beagles, cereal, muffins...the list of breads go on and on.  But come on.  I'm tired of EGGS!  Any ideas?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year guys!

We are starting the year out with friends and family here at the house.  I'm  babysitting some friends kids and we are enjoying the night tonight.  When the kiddos go to bed we are going to play the WII and watch the ball to drop.  I am going to have a sip of 'bubbly' tonight and see how that goes.  I'm sure it will not be fun or taste all that great, but I got by baby here with me and I'm going to kiss him at midnight.

So what are you guys doing for New Years?  Any traditions you are not doing because of your surgery?  I'm not big on New Years traditions besides the drinking.  But I don't drink when I have my kids here so I'm not missing anything this year I'll tell you that!


Sean with Zachary


All the kids Cheers

Happy New Year