Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dress Shopping!

So today we, Ani, Karina and Ash-Nay along with Autumn, went Brides maid shopping.  Well I got to try on a few dresses here and there(OK, quite a bit!)

I was ever so excited to put dresses on finally!  This is the thing I was looking forward to, heck doesn't every girl look forward to putting on the wedding dresses.

We found several dresses we liked for all the girls and then found one we LOVED...down only comes in black and red!  I was soooooo mad!
The second dress only came in hot pink.
The 3rd favorite is now the leading one...

Favorite!  But can't be.

2nd favorite, but can't be.

3rd now the leader.
another choice we liked

So those are the dresses, the others we can't put up...1. because I love my friends, 2. because they would kill me!   <3 love you KK!

Alright, I will post some of the No's of mine....just so you can see what happened!

The Cinderella, but didn't like it

better, but not much

it's an American size 14!  Fully Zipped!

another American 14, corset!

Off we go!

Alright, I'm very excited and we have goals set in mind on when things are happening.  Waiting on my tax return to come so I can have my budget money!  Which reminds me to make sure I call them about that.

On weight loss...Let's see we've crossed the 65lb mark loss!!!  I'm almost down to the lowest I remember being as an "adult" 230.  I'm very excited....

Talk to you all later!

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