Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding plans

I am planning, I think. but I am not quite sure if it's taking off quite yet.  This Saturday I am going to go see Ani and my mom with her mom and we are going to look at some stuff while the kids play with Sean.  Sounds like a great day.

So, still looking for the right pink Gerber daises, I have lots of the orange right now, but only a few pink ones.  I'm using silk flowers because Gerber daises are not in season for Fall.  So I've got an appointment set to look at dresses on the 12th with Ani and Karina.  I'm going to try on a couple dresses, but my question is what does one person wear to try on dresses??

I'm also dropping a little weight again.  I've lost 3 more pounds.  This is now a new low for me!  I am now smaller than Sean, this is a first for me.  I've never been smaller then a boyfriend, I was always either the same size or a little bigger.  So it's fun knowing that I'm lighter.  I've also noticed all the loose skin forming and making my "apron" and "chicken wings".  I'm not happy about the skin and I've started to use some type of lotions for firming up skin.  Someone who had gone through this surgery a couple years ago said she went and did a tanning bed and that's how she tightened up her skin.  We might try that too.

So anyone else have any ideas?

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