Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we've got?!

So Ani and Karina came and have gone.  We are going to be trying on some bridesmaid dresses on the 12th of February and we have goals for when we want to have a place, dresses for them and I have a goal for when I want to have for me.  So with goals that are in mind we set forth looking.

Haggard park is the place I want to get married.  It's such a pretty park with a very nice gazebo and fountains and ponds and yeah it's very public but it's so NICE! 

So those are some of the pictures I've found, yes I've been there and yes it's so pretty!

But the reception areas around it must be hotels, or places that don't allow outside catering.  We are looking....but that's about it for now.  We got goals and plans and that's a start right?

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