Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 months!

Wow, so I am 2 months!!!!  WHOOP!!!!

I took pictures and I don't know if I can post them.  I'm in my bra and boxer that ok to post??? 

Either way we also did some new messurments!  I was shocked OMG I have lost a total of 43 inches off my body!  I mean I didn't even think it was humanly possible to do.  I know I've seen pictures of what others have done I just didn't expect for it to happen. 

Well, what I am doing now is I'm enjoying the weight loss I am still doing good with it and I'm at 50lbs lost and I'm OK with that.  I lost 10lbs after I got my "crimp" fixed so far.  I start my cycle soon (1-9 or 1-10) so my weight loss will slow down for a week or son.  I'm not worried, but I wish I would drop size too. 
I dropped to the 18 tops (could go 16 I'm sure)  but in pants I'm at a 20...the 18's are tight I think(I don't own any yet). 

I'm going to support group next week on the 12th and I'm excited about it.  I didn't quite know how I was going to because of how these group things could be, but I liked it so far.  I get to hear and see how some of those around me are doing and I get good tips of what's going on.  I am hoping to get some recipes!  I need some breakfast ideas.  I want food but I never realized how many breakfast foods are cabs.  Have you?  I did, French toast, beagles, cereal, muffins...the list of breads go on and on.  But come on.  I'm tired of EGGS!  Any ideas?


  1. Hey there! Im a new reader and a little late on the reading but congrats on everything!!!! Your doing great! How far are you post op?
    Im getting tired of eggs too.. time to spice them up maybe?!?

  2. I eat smoked salmon & brie, deli turkey & cheddar with avocado, Greek yogurt w/sugar free maple syrup, or a stick of string cheese (just bite it, don't pull off strings)for breakfast now.