Tuesday, August 9, 2011

dress DRAMA

Ok, so I get a call from the Frisco store that the bridesmaids dresses are in, WHOOP!  I asked about my dress and they said to call the store I ordered it from, so I called the Garland store.  Now mind you I didn't have a good experiance at the Garland store but was willing to let them deliver my dress to me.

So they checked the system and said it has a ship date of the 12th of Aug. and that it wasn't in yet.  They said they call the next day after it is delivered and not to worry.

Ok, so I set up for all of us to go pick up dresses on the 13th and they would try on the dresses and get ready for fittings at the store they pick.

Show up Saturday the 13th and asked the lady about my dress since the system was open.  She said "well there is a tracking number let me see for ya."  she pulls up the tracking and low and behold, my dress has been sitting in the back room delivered to Garland on July 29th!  I was MAD!  So she calls to double check and yep it's sitting in Garland.  No one called me, no one told me and when I talked to them on tuesday the 9th they said nope it's not here!!!!!!! 

Either way, went to pick up dress in Garland and left.  I yelled and complained and they said the manager would call me monday. 

Here it is Tuesday and NOPE, no call.
I went to the Frisco store (closer to home/work) and did my first fitting.  The dress is 5inches too big!!!! Come on, I tell them I had this surgery, need a size smaller than what they want to order and she doesn't listen, she ordered the size she says I fit into right now.  I didn't like the lady in Garland that I ordered with and I complained about her anyway.  She wasn't nice, she didn't know where my dress was and kept telling me they didn't have a size 14 for me to try on in the dress I was getting...but I knew better because I had already tried it on...at that store, in that size just it was ivory and I wanted White.

Ok, so the lady pins me and takes in the dress, we line the hem up, do the bustle and everything else.  The manager took care of me so my dress will be ready on the 29th!!!!!! I'm excited!

On the weightloss notes...
I cross the 100lb mark on 08/06/2011!!! I also have now crossed in to ONE-derland... on the same day.   I was shocked in week I droped 8lbs!!!!! 

Now I'm trying not to lose so the dress stays fitting....let's see how that goes... Oh and in my waist since July 10, 2011 I've lost 8 inches!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dress ordered

That's right I ordered my dress, we have the shower set up for the 30th, bridal shower on 08-13/2011 and everything else is good!

not much to talk about

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I got my dress!!!! I've picked it out and will place the order for my birthday!! I'm excited.  My mom loves it too!!!!!!

Ok, so they took messerments and I was shocked, I've lost well over 25inches in my waist!  I couldn't see it, but it's there in the numbers.

Weight loss I've crossed into he now 90lbs lost!!! I'm happy to see the scale move again after 2 +months not moving.

I'm going to have a party with my extended family for my birthday on the 9th so that's exciting.  Till than everything is going smooth for the wedding.

I have an efficient, place, dress, brides maids dresses are ordered and everything is a go!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm OK!

Surgery went fine, I had some trouble getting up after and ended up staying a day in the hospital.  I'm OK now though and home. I even went to my sisters graduation on Friday and relaxed on Saturday 

I am going with my mom to look for a dress on the Th....cross our fingers!

Weight loss....well just had surgery so swollen so nothing down yet...let's wait a little bit....

Saturday, May 28, 2011


That's right, I've been having issues again with my hernia and I'll be having it fixed on the 1st.  I don't want to but I'm not going poop anymore and well that hurts.  I know TMI right...sorry.

I am still going up and down with the same 5lbs for now 8 weeks, I'm working out; eating right and drinking lots of water.  I am just not dropping.

Alright I'm off to get things ready.... I'm tired.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding in the family

My favorite cuz is getting married on the 21st and we are going.  I am excited to see her and Chris get married and see all of my family.

Autumn is bridging for her girlscouts on the 22nd she will be a JR. girlscout next year and she's thinking that's just the best thing in the world.  She also has a follow up to get the brace off on the 25th, here is hoping all is good and we are going to be free for the summer.

Alright school is almost out, summer is here in texas and it's HOT!  We go on the 6th of June to get bridesmaids dresses and I hope to picking my dress shortly after.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy birthday and Mothers day

This weekend is going to be fun.  Sean turns 40 on the 7th, mothers day is on the 8th....WHOOP!!!

I'm so excited about his surprise party...I hope that it goes well.  Zachary isn't feeling that good right now, his new medication is making him throw up so he has to stay home.  I am staying home with him today so that Dylan can work.

Still stalled out on the weight loss...I don't count the 5lbs I've lost in 4 weeks anything because I seem to gain it back.