Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm fixed we think....

Ok, so I had my endoscopic gastric exam done and yes I had the crimp in my lower connection.  They took a small balloon and blew it up and opened up my connection so that my food can pass through easier.  I feel better!  I ate dinner and nothing came back up...WHOOP!!!

I think this will help and I really would like to start loosing weight again.  I mean I've been sitting at the same weight for a month and well that's not fun. 

Yes I went through so much depression lately.  I went and did this big thing in my life to better my children's life and for mine.  I mean it's a big BIG change not a one time thing that will FIX me, but I NEEDED this.  I HAD to do it so that I could have a life for my kids.  So yeah it's a big deal when I don't drop the weight.  I have to see that scale slide down so that I can be reassured that I did the right thing.

Well, on other notes, Christmas is over, my kids are home and life is getting back to normal.  Alright guys I'm off to see if I can rest and recover some more.... this was a long day.