Sunday, January 23, 2011

off and running

So I'm off and running with the planning.  Went to check out 2 reception areas around Haggard park.  Event 1013 in down town Plano.  Then there was Plano Station (formally known to be closing the start of September but isn't). 
Plano Station is simple, it's cheep but you have to use their catering and well, that could be pricey.  It's a long meeting room that could be nice.
Event 1013 it beautiful!  It's a historic downtown building and they allow outside catering!  But, it's a bit more pricey.
So we are still on the hunt.  I went to the McKinney show this yesterday and it was nice, small but nice.  Got lots of information and we will see. 

At some point yesterday I felt overwhelmed and me and Sean even talked about just going to the JP and getting married and then having a big party.  That was quickly taken out of it because I want to do this one right, I want to make sure everyone sees how much I love Sean and how I want to share the love.  Oh well, off to window shop online.

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