Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We move along....but the scale don't!

Well, I've stopped loosing weight...it's normally called a "stall".  It happens to people who have had a surgery for weight loss.  I had expected it to happen, but not this soon. 
I'm 3 weeks in....but I found out that when my cycle I would slow or stop loosing weight...but I didn't expect to GAIN weight.

I gained 7lbs back...It's frustrating to gain when you went to the extreme to loose it!

OK, Christmas is coming and I'm also trying to plan the holidays.  My kids go to their dads for the whole time and I get them back on the 28th at noon. 
What else...let's see we are going to make cookies as gifts for Christmas....what I'm worried about is that there will be hundreds of cookies in my house!  I love tasting food as I cook and bake... um.. can't do that!!!!! 

Alright peoples I'm going to head off to bed.... night night!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey day 2010

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! I hope your day went well! 

Let's see, I have my whole family over!  I'll go over the list:
My mom, Step dad, both Sisters and 2 nephews.
Sean's Sister, brother in-law and niece
Room mate and her cousin
Adoptive little brother
Sean's Friend Shawn.
This is plus, Me, Sean and my two kids... a grand total of : 17 peoples here to eat!

We had a crap load of food want to see??:

The pies were in the kitchen, there were 6 of them.

OK, so you wonder how does someone who just had this surgery cook and host a Thanksgiving dinner?  I did it easy.  I got up and cooked.  I knew I couldn't eat 90% of what was being served, so I made sure what I could eat tasted great!  I was in charge of the meat and potatoes!  So we had Rosemary and Thyme turkey with honey/brown sugar ham.  And garlic mashed potatoes. 

I ate about 2oz of turkey and 2 oz of ham.  (not at the same time....)And about 6bites of potatoes.  So I had 3bites with each set of meat.  I had about a good 45min between my "plates" and after2 hours I ate a small scoop of my "pudding pie" Sean made for me.
The pie was no sugar added French vanilla pudding and a graham cracker crust made with splenda.  I was quite happy!
Here is all of us:

One person had already left, so there are only 16 in the picture.

We had a great time and after all the fun I went out black Friday shopping to Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and back to walmart!   I got everything I wanted, stuff for my mom too.  So it was a all and all great Thanks giving!!!

We put up our tree now and start this holiday season!

OK, so just to also update you I'm down 25lbs since the surgery!

Monday, November 22, 2010

2 weeks Post op!

Today marks the 2nd week since I started my new life.  You hear alot of people say it's your new life.  The reason is because this is not the easy way out.  This is not a quick fix.  This surgery is just a tool for me to use to loose weight and to become more healthy.  I have to change the way I look at food, how I use food and how I let food into me.

With my two weeks comes me eating solids.  I ate a scrambled egg for breakfast with a little cheese.  This is high protein foods, and how I should be thinking.  I have to read everything about what I'm eatting and what I'm drinking so that I don't get sick.  I had an episode of dumping and I don't want to do that again.

So here is the weight, I know you are all wanting to know.  Since the morning of my surgery I have lost 15lbs!  Plus the weight I lost the two weeks before, so I'm off to a great start!  So that's 22lbs in such a short time!  People are noticing...heck I put on a shirt and it fit right! 

So I'm off to work on Thanksgiving because it's here this year....Enjoy guys!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post op Contest!!!

A website that I've located that is very VERY informative is hosting a give away!!!!  For Celebrate Vitamin, these are the vitamins I WANT to take but couldn't quite afford yet.  So yeah I am entering and blogging it for extra entry's... can you blame me??? So here is the like for you guys to check her out

the world according to egg face

She's an awesome woman and it's a great blog!

Monday, November 15, 2010


So I've made it to 1 week.  How do I feel?  Not all that good.  I still feel tired and in pain.  I think one thing that I was not prepared for (besides the pain) was how much help I needed.

I can say this.  I pooped!  OK, not a big deal to most, but surprise to me.  I was told it would most likely be two weeks before I did it.  So when I did it last night it was a shocker. 

I am ever so happy to have my Fiance Sean!!!! OMG, to not be able to do laundry (shouldn't be a bad thing but it is), cooking dinner is hard because the pots get heavy.  Bending over to pick something up that I dropped, heck wipe my butt!  it hurt!

Life is different.  When I first got home it was all about sleeping.  Now I am trying to get life back to normal.  I only have another week off work (maybe two) and I have Thanksgiving to think about.  My family had already planned to come here and I'm not going to change anything.

I still have my tube and it hurts like heck!!!!!  I go to the Dr. on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday they will take it out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Food??? OMG FOOOD!

OK, so today was the biggest food day for me so far. 

I made the breakthrough yesterday and drank a whole 4oz of chicken broth that my friend Kim gave me (It's YUMMY). 
Today I had 3 4oz. servings and after the last one I ate a Popsicle, the whole thing!!!    I even started sipping my water about 30minutes after!  I'm proud of myself. 
I still have gas, and it hurts, and when I take off my belly band it hurts more, so I keep it on. 

I can't walk for long periods of time (more then like 10minutes) I get light headed and any pressure on my belly is BAD!! (Loki jumped on me today and it was really really bad!)
I am still struggles with deep breathing, I have a breathing toy that says I need to breath in to the 2000mark and I can't make it to the 1500mark....sad!  So I struggle.

I am starting the protein drinks tomorrow, now that I can drink some and not feel like I'm full of gas I feel like I may be able to drink a shake...so that's good, the protein may give me more energy too.

Well, this was just a quick update b/c I'm tired... so I'm off to bed!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st day of my life

I had my surgery!!!!!

I woke up in allot of pain and everything was crazy.  I was in and out awake and asleep.  People came to see me but I don't know what was said and how long they were there.  I know I said allot of pain, but it was true.  They had to place my IV in my foot, it was the only place they could find a vain...I swore I would starve a vampire lover?!

OK, so once I was in my room they figured out that my pain meds were not getting into me because of my IV, so they adjusted it and went from there. 

The rule of this surgery is to get up and walk, walk, sip, walk, sip...to heal...well I couldn't!!!! I couldn't walk because of my IV...I would go to the potty and my IV would stop flow, once I was back in bed it would flow again.  So it was a pain in the but...

I did end up staying an extra night and came home on Wednesday at 6pm.  I took my first walk around 2 or 3 once I told them to take the IV out. 

Sipping is hard because I feel full all the time and yet I'm thirsty.

So I got my belly band on and that made a big difference when I went potty, I didn't feel that my insides were to fall out.

OK, some of the down sides.  Coughing hurts like HELL!  You have the the meds all in your lungs and you have to cough them out, you are filled with gas and you can't force it out and when you do you feel nauseated. 

So I'm home, that's a plus.  I sit in my chair and not in bed and I get up and walk around the house and I even get to watch some TV.  I do nap in bed with my Cpap machine on so that I am getting air in when I'm sleeping.  As far as food I drink a couple sips of broth or stock and I'm drinking water with some crystal light in them and lots of ice chips.  I love sonic ice!  I haven't tried anything else yet besides a couple Popsicles I had at the hospital.

Alright guys I'm off to nap now, I'm tired

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The day before

So today is day14 of the diet.  I was to loose 14lbs before tomorrow and as of this morning I was at 12!!!!!!!  That's still amazing!

AS I have said Kim is coming over today to take pictures of my before and some measurements....shhhh I don't want to know!

I'm scared and excited.  I have a shelf in the fridge for my cold foods; one in the pantry for my box foods too! 

I've planned some meals for the family and I've had some help cleaning up today to be ready. 

I went shopping yesterday and got some clothes that are a size smaller to have something to try on before I go back to work in a couple weeks... I'll even leave the tags on just in case they are too big!!  **OMG I just said they may be to big!!!!!  WOW!

Alright guys...I'm off to be a good girl for the last day of my diet!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 11: Diet

I can now say that Upper GI was GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That chalky stuff they make you drink was gross, the fizzy stuff wasn't to bad.  I had to roll around on the X-ray table and that just made me sick. 

On other notes.... my friend Kim is coming THIS Sunday the 7th.... oops!  So no pictures as of yet.  I will post one for a current picture.

I did the tracker... it may not be the best one, but I'll work on that.

I go see the VAMPIRE today, they were suppose to take my blood on Monday and didn't.  I asked even!!!!!!  So I have to see them today and they will get a rush back on that.  I'm getting excited and I even picked up some clearance shirts in different sizes.  (they were on sale for $3 so couple sizes not to bad)  I am getting the house in order and keeping up on the laundry so I don't have to worry about that when I'm home and not able to lift.

The food is getting easier at times.  The mt. dew habit is no here!!! I'm proud of that.  I have been around people drinking them, I've given ones I had left away (even the 20oz in my desk draw!) and I'm OK with it.  I walk down the isle at the grocery store and I don't even think to grab it, just the crystal light!

I am booked for 11-8-10 at 9am...I have to get to the hospital at 7am, but this is subject to change...we'll find out on Sunday when it's set for!

If you all want to know where I'll be... Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano!  Dr. Nick Nicholson is my DR!!!

I'll post something on FB that I'm out when I am... I will not get to blog for a bit but will keep you updated!