Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dallas Bridal Show!

So I had planned to go to Ani's house today and when I called and told her I was on the way she said she found a place I needed to see.  So we met up and she had me follow her.  I was excited.  But as we drove into Dallas I was a little worried because that was far away from where I wanted to have the wedding. 

We pull up to Dallas Market Hall and She says we are going to find something here!  Yep the Dallas bridal show was going on again.  I know I went to the one in August, but this one was more important.  I was now actually planning.  (yeah hadn't been back in Aug.)

Well we walked and talked and enjoined the place.  Got to see lots of pretty dresses, talked to lots of great DJ's and got information on lots of different places to have the wedding.  Along with the piles of candy Autumn got and the cake tastings I came home with for Sean I was a good girl.  I did try some bites of food and even had a couple of the cakes.  They are less then a bite so I wasn't too worried.

I did bad on the water today because of the fair and really didn't do that great on my food either.  I got better when I was home and was able to drink almost a full 64 oz of water and by the end of the night I had 55g protein.

Alright peoples I have two large bags to go through!  Cross your fingers I win something!

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