Thursday, April 14, 2011

So I did what????

I joined Mary Kay!!!!! I've loved the products, loved my now director and so I joined!!! She came and picked up in a limo and I was so excited...I told her on the way that I was ready to join and was excited about going to the parade of nationals to hear them speak!

I heard some of the top 5% of the company talk and cried and laughed and signed my agreement today at work!!!

So insparational!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We found a place

Well, we picked the party barn!!!! Signed the contracts, took pictures and gearing up!

I'm excited and happy to have it in Wylie.  The old stomping grounds.  Not much other than that going on.  We did have to change the date, it's now set for 9-9-11 so it's still kind of cool.  Plus... it's VIKING tradition to get married on fridays, so we are....Sean don't know that I knew that and it's just one of the little things I'm trying to do to bring his history into it.

Sean wants swords, but they are not swords either side of our family would have carried, so I think it's just odd to have something that don't tie to the family.  We are still talking about it.

**Well on the weight loss I've lost 75lbs...and seem to have stalled!
**Family notes-Autumn is healing real well with her cast.  She hates it and it itches but she is getting better.  She's had it on for 6 weeks now and she has a follow up on the 20th....whoop.