Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So as I said in my last post I'm going to the State Fair of Texas.  It's a world known event in down town Dallas, not just for the fair, BigTex but mostly for the most creative foods.  I have gone to the fair many times and most of the time I miss out on the food because I am always trying to drop a few pounds.  Even in High School when my marching band marched the Cotton Bowl I made sure I watched what I ate.

This news article in the Dallas Morning News this morning gave me even more inspiration...ARTICLE ...

I agree with it, you should go to the fair and enjoy your self, come home and get back to normal.  It's once a year, and for me it will be the only time I'll let myself eat like this. 

So I'll be going to the Fair on SUNDAY September 25, 2010...anyone in the DFW area is welcome to join me!!!! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, it's off, now Waiting...

So I talked to the Dr.'s office today and they are going to be submitting my documents to the insurance company on Monday(9/20/2010).  So I'm biting my nails waiting to hear back.  She says my insurance company normally takes up to three weeks.  She also said it could be three days!  DAYS can you believe that!

OK, so here is what will happen...I'm going to the state fair next weekend, because I want to make sure I get to have one last hurrah with fried fatty food!  That's right, fried margarita, fried frozen lemonade, fried chocolate, and fried anything else I will be eating!!!  I'll walk too, but I'm eating!  I never eat the fair food, fear of the FAT!  So I figure I'll clear it out of my wishes and eat...walk....eat....walk...watch a show...eat...walk...See a pattern here?  I know I'll never burn those calories off, but dang it...I will NEVER get to do this again!

So it's the waiting game, and it looks like the Earliest I could have the surgery is Oct.7th...then it could also be...Oct.25th.  So no matter what I'll be doing it by November 1st (as long as insurance says YES!)

Cross your fingers, toes, eyes...what ever... Just keep me in your prayers to get my YES...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, what the heck is next?

So today I got the confirmation from the shrink..."I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..." Been singing it all day!  So he submitted the report to Dr. Nick and I confirmed that Dr. V sent over all of my weight checks with him to Dr. Nick too.  So what do I do next?


Yeah that is what I have to do, stinking Wait for the insurance to respond.  Once they respond I'll be going CRAZY!

I mean, I'll have to submit my request for time off with work, starting my "liquid" diet for two weeks and getting life in order to be home for 4 to 6 weeks.

That's allot...but I'll also have to be making sure I take my vitamins, get rid of the Mt. Dew habits.

We will see....I guess the next time I post will be to tell you what's happening....

Monday, September 13, 2010

So...what's next?

Aright, I had my appointment today with the head doc and he said "You seem to have done the research and you seem to have a good support system in place.  Do you understand that this is a permanent life changing event?"
I told him that I do and he understood and agreed that I should be acceptable to the surgery and understand the issues that come with it.

So what do I have to look forward to now?  I have no idea.  Truly I don't quite know what to expect.  I've given everything to my Dr. (by the way his name is Dr. Nick Nicholson) and the shrink will give his info to him tomorrow.

Well, at the final Dr. diet appointment I've gained 3lbs!!!  Well, that is mostly because I'm about to menstruate and I've got some water weight...last time I had my appointment around this time it was 5lbs...so he knew that was likely...so he thinks I lost two pounds and the other three is what shows as water.  I'll take it!  I figured I would have lost more because of all the walking I did in Boston back three weeks ago. (I haven't been watching my diet as much as I should have!)

So I will call Dr. Nick in a couple days and see what I should be doing.  I know it has been said to me that the surgery could be as early as 2 weeks after the last appointment with my DR....and then it could take the insurance company up to 30days to respond from submission.  I've been told that my insurance (Aetna) are quick at responding...we'll see... it's now time for me to do my big changes!

I have a Mt. Dew habit.  I'll admit it!  So my goal is to be off the dew by the surgery date...and drinking more water.  So I'm cutting it back further then I already have (6months ago I was drinking a case*24* in a week, now I'm down to about 10 in seven days).I would like to cut it back to 2 a day...then 1 a day...then none!  GOAL!!!!!!!  So today I've had 2...we will see how it goes.

Alright...I'm off to watch some TV.... Night!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here is goes

This is the first blog post because tomorrow I go for my last Dr. provided diet appointment.  So how and what is this about?!

I started the weight loss surgery path three or so years ago.  Life happened and things changed.  About a year ago I started it again.  I had to do some research for my insurance to see what was required of me to get them to cover all or most of my surgery.  With this I found I had to do a 6 month Dr.  watched diet.  I also had to speak to a dietitian, physiologist and a surgeon.  OK, so off to the "google" universe I go.  I was checking out the Dr's in my area who do the weight loss surgery and give you the choice of which one you have. 

There are three major types of surgery.  The Lap Band; The Gastric Sleeve; Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  Each one has it's risk, benefits and procedures.  So I did for information, Dr.s; and start watching what I'm eating and drinking (I have a issue with Mt. Dew).

So I talk to friends and find a couple who have had the different surgeries and different Dr's.  I also talked to my Dr. and asked what I would need to do with him.  It's a lot of work to make life changing choices. 

Alright so April I started going to see my general Dr. once a month, get weighed and talk to him about what was going on.  He was such a great guy and listened to me talk about life and how I was trying to do this!  My boyfriend was helping me by just encouraging me to be strong, same as my kids.  They always said they just want to run with mommy.  (due to my weight and my hip I was unable to do a lot of physical activity with them)
Over the next couple of months I dropped a few pounds here and there; then my Dr. agreed to let me try a medication that was suppose to provide energy and suppress my appetite.  Well I took it for two months, over those two months I gained five pounds then leveled out.  The next month I didn't take it and lost twenty pounds and man was that a BAD month for me (we were moving so eating out was done...ALLOT). 

Now about halfway through my Dr. diet I went to meet with a couple different Dr's for the surgeries.  I picked one and submitted my insurance information with him in the month of June.  In July I went and did my sleep apnea test and started using a machine to sleep at night.  By the month of July things were headed the way they needed to be. 

Now here comes my boyfriend...on my birthday he decided that he could not live with out me and asked me to grow old with him!  Of course this blog would not have the title it does if I hadn't said yes!!!!!!! 

We picked a day over a year away to give us time to save money and to be happy.  Some time after I woke up and realized I was getting married and I can't try on dresses!!!!!!  I am going to have a surgery some time this year and will be loosing weight drastically!!! 

So I am using this blog as an outlet for everything about the wedding and the surgery...my path to loosing weight and getting married!