Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We move along....but the scale don't!

Well, I've stopped loosing weight...it's normally called a "stall".  It happens to people who have had a surgery for weight loss.  I had expected it to happen, but not this soon. 
I'm 3 weeks in....but I found out that when my cycle I would slow or stop loosing weight...but I didn't expect to GAIN weight.

I gained 7lbs back...It's frustrating to gain when you went to the extreme to loose it!

OK, Christmas is coming and I'm also trying to plan the holidays.  My kids go to their dads for the whole time and I get them back on the 28th at noon. 
What else...let's see we are going to make cookies as gifts for Christmas....what I'm worried about is that there will be hundreds of cookies in my house!  I love tasting food as I cook and bake... um.. can't do that!!!!! 

Alright peoples I'm going to head off to bed.... night night!

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