Friday, November 12, 2010

Food??? OMG FOOOD!

OK, so today was the biggest food day for me so far. 

I made the breakthrough yesterday and drank a whole 4oz of chicken broth that my friend Kim gave me (It's YUMMY). 
Today I had 3 4oz. servings and after the last one I ate a Popsicle, the whole thing!!!    I even started sipping my water about 30minutes after!  I'm proud of myself. 
I still have gas, and it hurts, and when I take off my belly band it hurts more, so I keep it on. 

I can't walk for long periods of time (more then like 10minutes) I get light headed and any pressure on my belly is BAD!! (Loki jumped on me today and it was really really bad!)
I am still struggles with deep breathing, I have a breathing toy that says I need to breath in to the 2000mark and I can't make it to the 1500mark....sad!  So I struggle.

I am starting the protein drinks tomorrow, now that I can drink some and not feel like I'm full of gas I feel like I may be able to drink a that's good, the protein may give me more energy too.

Well, this was just a quick update b/c I'm tired... so I'm off to bed!

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  1. What surgery did you decide to have? I am having RNY on Nov 29th. Good Luck, Robin