Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 11: Diet

I can now say that Upper GI was GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That chalky stuff they make you drink was gross, the fizzy stuff wasn't to bad.  I had to roll around on the X-ray table and that just made me sick. 

On other notes.... my friend Kim is coming THIS Sunday the 7th.... oops!  So no pictures as of yet.  I will post one for a current picture.

I did the tracker... it may not be the best one, but I'll work on that.

I go see the VAMPIRE today, they were suppose to take my blood on Monday and didn't.  I asked even!!!!!!  So I have to see them today and they will get a rush back on that.  I'm getting excited and I even picked up some clearance shirts in different sizes.  (they were on sale for $3 so couple sizes not to bad)  I am getting the house in order and keeping up on the laundry so I don't have to worry about that when I'm home and not able to lift.

The food is getting easier at times.  The mt. dew habit is no here!!! I'm proud of that.  I have been around people drinking them, I've given ones I had left away (even the 20oz in my desk draw!) and I'm OK with it.  I walk down the isle at the grocery store and I don't even think to grab it, just the crystal light!

I am booked for 11-8-10 at 9am...I have to get to the hospital at 7am, but this is subject to change...we'll find out on Sunday when it's set for!

If you all want to know where I'll be... Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano!  Dr. Nick Nicholson is my DR!!!

I'll post something on FB that I'm out when I am... I will not get to blog for a bit but will keep you updated!

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