Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st day of my life

I had my surgery!!!!!

I woke up in allot of pain and everything was crazy.  I was in and out awake and asleep.  People came to see me but I don't know what was said and how long they were there.  I know I said allot of pain, but it was true.  They had to place my IV in my foot, it was the only place they could find a vain...I swore I would starve a vampire lover?!

OK, so once I was in my room they figured out that my pain meds were not getting into me because of my IV, so they adjusted it and went from there. 

The rule of this surgery is to get up and walk, walk, sip, walk, heal...well I couldn't!!!! I couldn't walk because of my IV...I would go to the potty and my IV would stop flow, once I was back in bed it would flow again.  So it was a pain in the but...

I did end up staying an extra night and came home on Wednesday at 6pm.  I took my first walk around 2 or 3 once I told them to take the IV out. 

Sipping is hard because I feel full all the time and yet I'm thirsty.

So I got my belly band on and that made a big difference when I went potty, I didn't feel that my insides were to fall out.

OK, some of the down sides.  Coughing hurts like HELL!  You have the the meds all in your lungs and you have to cough them out, you are filled with gas and you can't force it out and when you do you feel nauseated. 

So I'm home, that's a plus.  I sit in my chair and not in bed and I get up and walk around the house and I even get to watch some TV.  I do nap in bed with my Cpap machine on so that I am getting air in when I'm sleeping.  As far as food I drink a couple sips of broth or stock and I'm drinking water with some crystal light in them and lots of ice chips.  I love sonic ice!  I haven't tried anything else yet besides a couple Popsicles I had at the hospital.

Alright guys I'm off to nap now, I'm tired

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