Monday, November 15, 2010


So I've made it to 1 week.  How do I feel?  Not all that good.  I still feel tired and in pain.  I think one thing that I was not prepared for (besides the pain) was how much help I needed.

I can say this.  I pooped!  OK, not a big deal to most, but surprise to me.  I was told it would most likely be two weeks before I did it.  So when I did it last night it was a shocker. 

I am ever so happy to have my Fiance Sean!!!! OMG, to not be able to do laundry (shouldn't be a bad thing but it is), cooking dinner is hard because the pots get heavy.  Bending over to pick something up that I dropped, heck wipe my butt!  it hurt!

Life is different.  When I first got home it was all about sleeping.  Now I am trying to get life back to normal.  I only have another week off work (maybe two) and I have Thanksgiving to think about.  My family had already planned to come here and I'm not going to change anything.

I still have my tube and it hurts like heck!!!!!  I go to the Dr. on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday they will take it out.

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