Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Month surg-aversary!

Yes that is a real word because I typed it so it is! 

Ok, so my cycle came and it is so not fun....I've always cramped allot on some months but with my stomach cramping and everything else... ugh...

I have started to loose the weight I gained...only 3more pounds to go and I'll be back down to my lowest.

Ok, so what else is going on?  I went back to work!  I HATE IT!  OMG everything is wrong. 

I'll explain this...I was in a special department and didn't get on the phones (i work in a call center) they said "well since you were gone we don't need you so you get to go back to the phones."

Yeah that's what I said (what you said).  So now I'm grumpy and sad and trying to not cry too much.  (it's not working).

Alright, I'm off to make my tuna's what's making me eat....

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