Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I went, I did it!

So I went to the State Fair this weekend (well Monday, but it was a three day weekend!)  I ate food!!!!!  I weighed myself before we left that morning and when I got home...I even lost 2lbs!  I thank the walking for that!

Before we get to the what I ate, let's cover what we did.  First we drove to the park and ride train station at 8AM. Got on the train and was headed out at 8:45am.  We were at the fair gates at 9:40.  I know it sounds like a lot, but with no traffic to fight, no parking spaces to find or loosing our car it was good!

There are lots of acts going on at the fair, free! 

Autumn and me on the train
Autumn on the top of the Jeep climbing wall!
This is (from left to right) Me, Autumn, Zachary and Marie(my friend and room mate!)

Zachary and Autumn in the Green House.  It was so nice inside there and the plants were perfect!
Autumn and Sean on "the cliff hanger"

Autumn and Zachary got their faces painted.  Yes Angel wings for the girl and a Dragon for the boy!
The kids with Ronald!

This is the Russian Bar Trio (from Left to right) Marco, Zachary, Christine and Ethan. Zachary got pulled out of the crowd and got to do some dancing and a cartwheel with them!

Now we are off to the food!!!OMG the food was good.  As I've said I never let myself eat the food before so this time I did!  Here are some pictures of what I ate:
This picture is all three of us, we shared!  The Elvis(top) a deep fried Peanut butter and jelly with banana sandwhich.  The bottom Left Deep fried Chocolate.  Bottom Right Deep fried cookie dough.

**This picture is the deep fried frozen Margarita.

I also had 1/2 a corn dog (Zachary didn't want to finish it) and Deep fried Frito Pie (by far the best thing I ate!) 5 Chocolate dipped strawberries (the healthiest thing I ate) I drank lots of water!  I walked all over the place and doubled back on some things so it was a lot of work.

So today was the 15th day for the insurance.  They were suppose to have an anwser for me today, I'll be calling them tomorrow!  Cross fingers, toes, eyes, legs, everything!!!

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