Friday, October 22, 2010

Approval needed!

Today I got my insurance approval!  I was shocked because last week I talked to the insurance company and they informed me that they needed additional information and that it would be another 15 days from when they get it before I would know.  So I worked hard and fast to get a visit to the dietitian in; get my PCP Dr to fax in additional information about all 6 of my visits and get it to them ASAP!  Well we got the information faxed in on Monday 10/18/10.
I called to make sure they got it on Thursday and they said yes so I made an appointment with DR. Nick Nicholson (my Dr.) to do a consult. 
This morning at 10:33am they called me back, I figured it was to confirm my scheduled appointment, but it wasn't!!!  The insurance called them this morning and said I was approved!!!!!!

So today I will be seeing Dr. Nick for my PRE-OP not just a consult, setting my date and starting my liquid diet for 2 weeks!!! I hope to have the surgery ASAP so I can be somewhat eating food by Thanksgiving!

Cross your fingers, eyes, toes and hearts for me guys!

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