Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Diet

So today is the first day of the diet.  If you don't know what the diet is let me help you out. 

1200Calories aday, but it has to be done with some guidelines.
5 "meal replacement" drinks or bars a day.  I found that the "slim fast" high protein is the best for me.  They have 180 calories, 10grams of protein and 23 carbs.  The dietitian didn't tell me anything about carbs but everyone else who has undergone the surgery say to keep them low. The bars are more fun, there is a large choice of flavors, textures and styles.  I picked mine to be low calorie and high protein.  I got some that are150 calories with 10grams of protein. 

After that you can have one meal a day.  Mind you the meal is to be weighed and you have to keep it that way.  I'm trying to find things I like (I'm picky) that falls into the guidelines.  So here is a simple break down

5oz of lean meat.
2 cups of non-starchy veggies
1 serving of a fat

Now mind you they give me a list and the measurements of the fats and it's a short list and SMALL amounts. 
I've decided that the "meal" will be dinner some nights and lunch the other days.  This way we can have a better feeling when at work during "lunch".  There are more tempting things at work then there are at home, even though home is where the food all comes from.

Today it is early afternoon and I've had 550 calories and 33 grams of protein!!!  I am going to be adding a tracker to my side bar when I find one so that you guys can cheer me on as you see the tracker move.

Alright I'm off to attempt to drink more water, did I ever say I HATE WATER!

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  1. My nutritionist told me to look for the "low carb" slimfast for post-op - just as much protein, but waaay lower carbs.