Friday, October 22, 2010

The date is set!

So I got a lot done today.  I wasn't feeling all that good this morning and so I stayed home.  I am kinda glad I did!  I got a call about the insurance company giving my approval today!!!!!  (posted on another post)

So I went to see Dr. Nick Nicholson today (yes that is his name) and got to talk about my surgery.  The nurses are all so nice and they are so excited for you when you get your approval, even though I have not let it settle in they were so excited for me.

So I am set for my surgery on 11-08-10....the time will be discussed later. I start my "liquid" diet on Sunday....Sean*the fiance* and Steven*his little brother*are going to attempt to do it with me.(see the word attempt!)  I know they want to support me, but I also know they may not want to give up food.

So the diet is kinda like this....the slim fast diet!
You can mix the drinks and bars for 5 a day and eat one meal....5oz's of meat, 2cups non starch veg and 1 fat (gave me list of them).
So it's not a whole lot...less then 1200 calories. 
I trying different types of protein drinks and or meal replacement shakes because I have to drink those allot for the two weeks after also.

So am I excited now?  I'm not sure.  I'm trying but mostly I'm trying to get through the next couple days and see how this diet goes!!!!

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