Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, it's off, now Waiting...

So I talked to the Dr.'s office today and they are going to be submitting my documents to the insurance company on Monday(9/20/2010).  So I'm biting my nails waiting to hear back.  She says my insurance company normally takes up to three weeks.  She also said it could be three days!  DAYS can you believe that!

OK, so here is what will happen...I'm going to the state fair next weekend, because I want to make sure I get to have one last hurrah with fried fatty food!  That's right, fried margarita, fried frozen lemonade, fried chocolate, and fried anything else I will be eating!!!  I'll walk too, but I'm eating!  I never eat the fair food, fear of the FAT!  So I figure I'll clear it out of my wishes and a a pattern here?  I know I'll never burn those calories off, but dang it...I will NEVER get to do this again!

So it's the waiting game, and it looks like the Earliest I could have the surgery is Oct.7th...then it could also be...Oct.25th.  So no matter what I'll be doing it by November 1st (as long as insurance says YES!)

Cross your fingers, toes, eyes...what ever... Just keep me in your prayers to get my YES...


  1. Good luck gal! And have fun at the Fair! We've never been.

  2. You should go!!!!! OMG I love going, the kids love going.

  3. I'm right behind you. I have just started the process...haven't even had the first official doctor visit.

    I'll cross my fingers for you.