Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here is goes

This is the first blog post because tomorrow I go for my last Dr. provided diet appointment.  So how and what is this about?!

I started the weight loss surgery path three or so years ago.  Life happened and things changed.  About a year ago I started it again.  I had to do some research for my insurance to see what was required of me to get them to cover all or most of my surgery.  With this I found I had to do a 6 month Dr.  watched diet.  I also had to speak to a dietitian, physiologist and a surgeon.  OK, so off to the "google" universe I go.  I was checking out the Dr's in my area who do the weight loss surgery and give you the choice of which one you have. 

There are three major types of surgery.  The Lap Band; The Gastric Sleeve; Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  Each one has it's risk, benefits and procedures.  So I did for information, Dr.s; and start watching what I'm eating and drinking (I have a issue with Mt. Dew).

So I talk to friends and find a couple who have had the different surgeries and different Dr's.  I also talked to my Dr. and asked what I would need to do with him.  It's a lot of work to make life changing choices. 

Alright so April I started going to see my general Dr. once a month, get weighed and talk to him about what was going on.  He was such a great guy and listened to me talk about life and how I was trying to do this!  My boyfriend was helping me by just encouraging me to be strong, same as my kids.  They always said they just want to run with mommy.  (due to my weight and my hip I was unable to do a lot of physical activity with them)
Over the next couple of months I dropped a few pounds here and there; then my Dr. agreed to let me try a medication that was suppose to provide energy and suppress my appetite.  Well I took it for two months, over those two months I gained five pounds then leveled out.  The next month I didn't take it and lost twenty pounds and man was that a BAD month for me (we were moving so eating out was done...ALLOT). 

Now about halfway through my Dr. diet I went to meet with a couple different Dr's for the surgeries.  I picked one and submitted my insurance information with him in the month of June.  In July I went and did my sleep apnea test and started using a machine to sleep at night.  By the month of July things were headed the way they needed to be. 

Now here comes my boyfriend...on my birthday he decided that he could not live with out me and asked me to grow old with him!  Of course this blog would not have the title it does if I hadn't said yes!!!!!!! 

We picked a day over a year away to give us time to save money and to be happy.  Some time after I woke up and realized I was getting married and I can't try on dresses!!!!!!  I am going to have a surgery some time this year and will be loosing weight drastically!!! 

So I am using this blog as an outlet for everything about the wedding and the path to loosing weight and getting married!

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