Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holidays???? OH MY!!!!!

So the Holidays are upon us and what comes with them is FOOD.  Food is every where, parties, work, home; Baking, pies cookies, fudge, it's just every where!

I am baking.  I'm baking several cookies and most of them I'm using splenda.  This is to replace the sugar and hoping that it makes it so I can eat some. 

I've figured if I keep saying I CAN'T eat that then it's just going to be more tempting to do so.  So I desided that doing it in moderation it's ok.

On another note....I've been stalled's sucking!  I have not lost a single pound since the start of december.  Here it is week 3 of the stall and I'm just getting upset.  I have also been throwing up more.  I can't seem to keep anything down.  I'm going to tell my Dr when I see him on the 23rd. 

Alright guys...I'm tired and I'm off to bed...

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